Thursday, May 4, 2017

How to Optimize Your Site to Have the Best ROI

 In order to have the best performance of your website you must have lot of visitors.  Most of the SEO experts tend to strategize so that they can get traffic.

There are thousands of pages that will guide you how to use SEO and how to bring the audience to your site and how to rank high on Google and rope in more users. That’s the most ideal and fundamental of any business.  But is “More traffic = more money” ?
What Brings Money Online:

There are numerous ways of earning money online. You can advertise your content or you can sell your products online and you can even gamble online and make money.
However , we will be discussing online marketing here and that includes affiliate marketing as well .
 You earn commission when somebody clicks on an ad on your page which redirects them to an advertiser’s website. However if the same visitor purchased from your website then you might get some more revenue or some commission.
You may earn profit by getting your ads clicked. However you wont earn a single penny if your ads are not clicked.
This is what we call conversion rate i.e. the number of users on your websites who are converted into you r clients.

Conversion vs Traffic Metrics

In the case of ads, it is measured as click-through rate, or CTR, which shows a percentage of people who actually clicked on the ad, after seeing it.
So, what’s the best model for you?
To have 1000 visitors with 20% conversion rate, or have a 10000 visitors with 1% conversion rate?
Simple math says that the first one will bring in 200 paying customers, and the other one 100. It doesn’t means that we are discrediting more visitors but we just want you to know that more the CTR better will be commissions.
Audience retention is also very crucial. If you are not earning enough don’t go misleading ads. This strategy will hamper you and you will surely lose audience retention .

Satisfied customers becomes  returning visitors and customers, and they might even become the promoters of your brand if they are satisfied. These customers are   worth their weight in gold for your business.
This signifies that you have to be active online and interact with your audience on regular basis. You must  have  strong presence in social media, build your e-mail lists, ask for their opinion in the comments, and so on.
How to Optimize Your WebSite to Get the Best ROI

Explore  basic analytics very sincerely, and explore how to analyze and conclude these most important metrics. You don’t have to be a technical expert to assess the data. Google offers basic analytics package that is fairly easy to use for the basic stuff you would need, particularly if you’re using AdSense.

Do the split, or A/B testing, in order to determine what category of ads, copies, descriptions, designs, layouts, and landing pages yield  you the best result. Be systematic about it, don’t change too many things at once, because you won’t be able to notice how each change affects the performance  as using multiple parameters might yield multiple changes.
Analyze  your audience feedback. Social media can help you tremendously to achieve this task, as well as any surveys you might make on your website.

In order to build a successful site and have successful social media campaign, you must have to take all these factors  into account, along with how much you earn per customer (or per click, in the case of the ads), and how much it all costs you, both in time and money.

Any sort of business is a balancing act, so be sure to start on the ground before you move on to tight-roping between the buildings. And don’t forget your parachute!

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