Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Check If Your Emails Are Going to Spam

G-Lock Apps is an email deliverability tool that was built to determine  why emails get blocked or filtered, why it happens and how to fix it so that the user can continue to send emails while maximizing all the benefits.
G-Lock Apps was started  precisely because of the question “Why are my Emails going to spam?” and built around that problem are tools and solutions to avoid that in the first place. G-Lock Apps is a deliverability and spam-testing tool all-in-one package.
 G-Lock Apps was built in necessity, especially for people who send a lot of Emails such as Linkbuilders and Email Marketers.
How G-Lock Apps Works

This all-in-one Email tool works on a very simple procedure. What the tool does is  it gives the user a tracking ID and a list of email addresses from Gmail, Hotmail and the like; this is what G-Lock Apps refer to as a ‘Seed List’. The user then appends the tracking ID to their email which they then send over to the ‘Seed List’.
G-Lock Apps provides the results in real-time and the user will then be able to analyze  if their email went to the right place (i.e. inbox and not spam,) or if it was even delivered at all.
Our Experience with G-Lock Apps
As a content creator and as a Digital Marketing Manager, I interact with many of my customers and peers via email. I send a lot of emails every day, some to my office and to whoever needs to be communicated with.

Let me tell you, I start my day by reading and replying to my Emails and I get a couple dozen unread emails every few hours . What this signifies  is that I need to have my mail delivered to these people’s inboxes. If my email lands in their junk or trash, chances are I lose an opportunity or worse, lose some of my business.
I can’t let that happen because like  I have up on our website, I am very committed to both my employees and my clients. It also doesn’t help that I really love what I do and mailing is a very important aspect of that.
I found G-Lock Apps  a reliable tool to ensure I stay on top of my emails.
 I really enjoyed my experience with the tool. It’s very fast, reliable and most importantly it got the job done. I can see what I need to change in order to no longer be marked as spam and the team has been using it after my sterling recommendation.
After all, it’s a great tool waiting to be utilized and sure enough, it got productivity up because people actually received our emails when it mattered.
Funnily enough, G-Lock Apps have this written in bold on their website: “Emails that don’t reach the Inbox won’t get read!” and I agree with that.
Features and Key Takeaway
G-Lock Apps is an extremely useful tool especially if you deal with a lot of emails for work or whatever reason that you may have. Here is a list of its features taken directly from their website.

I’ve tried and tested all of these features personally and all of them work well enough to be considered a worthwhile investment. G-Lock Apps is an essential deliverability and spam-testing tool that everyone should have. I can’t recommend G-Lock Apps any more than this.

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