Sunday, April 23, 2017

Who does SEO SERVE ??

Search Engine Optimization 

We’re not talking about optimizing the search engines themselves, obviously. We’re trying to optimize content and structure and code to be read by the search engine. It makes total sense, except copy written for a computer doesn’t necessarily work for the user. It’s how we end up with company descriptions that read like a csv file of popular industry keywords, readability and tone be damned.
That’s because it’s easy to lose sight of the actual audience. After all, without Google, a lot of sites wouldn’t have an audience to reach. And it becomes a bit of a game: how many spots can I rise? How many pages? What if I got onto the first page for my keywords? What if I got to the top spot?
For their part, Google has been adjusting the algorithm over the past few years to encourage more human-friendly tactics. Still, the focus of SEO has remained on the search engine, not the person using it....


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